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My Father's Place Gust House

My Father's Place Guest House in Marigot, Dominica, is located between sector 6 and sector 7 of the Waitikubuli National Trail, and in walking distance to and from the Douglas-Charles Airport, formerly called Melville Hall Airport.

The guest house is a beautiful place to relax, with a fine atmosphere. It is a combination of new and old buildings - put together in a perfect setting, overlooking the Sand Bay Beach beneath the house.  

There are three air-conditioned apartments, completely furnished with kitchen,
shower and sleeping facilities for two to three guests for US $100.00 Dollars/day.

My Father's Place Guest House, 3511 Sandy Point, Marigot, near Round Pitch,
is situated under the Marigot Police Station, the hospital, the post office, and
“My Father’s Place Bar”.

It is only a five-minute drive or a twenty-minute walk to Melville Hall Airport,
the main airport in Dominica.

My Father's Place Guest House is the ideal place to access the Waitikubuli National Trail and the Carib Reserve.
  For information or reservation please call:
  +1-767-445-7215   or    +1-201-620-5398


For information and reservation please call: +1-767-445-7215 or +1-201-620-5398

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